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6. European Rett Syndrome Conference, Tampere, Finland 


The closing date for registration is September 12, 2019.


The program will have lectures from international experts. Subjects include epilepsy, learning and communication, physiotherapy and other rehabilitation, nutrition, sleep and neurological problems.

The purpose of Rett Finland ry is to support families with Rett's syndrome diagnosed child. The Association has about 100 members. For more information on the association's activities, visit the association's website at and on Facebook

Conference Fees

€ 135.00 for one day only / € 75.00 for one day only (for the Members of Rett Finland Association)

€ 215.00 for two days / € 125.00 for two days (for the Members of Rett Finland Association)

€ 60.00 Evening buffet per person (must be booked with the Conference registration)

Conference Preliminary Schedule

Friday 27th September:

  • 8.00 / Registration starts
  • 9.00 – 17.00 / Lectures at the Conference centre
  • 18.00 / Evening Reception on courtesy by the City of Tampere, hosted by the Mayor/Deputy Mayor of the City at the Museum of “Vapriikki”
  • 20.00  / Evening Buffet at the Conference Centre restaurant (traditional Finnish cuisine)             Duo Kaasinen&Viitasaari and Johanna Debreczeni Duo will perform at the Evening Party.

Saturday 28th September:

  • 8.30 / Registration starts
  • 9.00 – 17.00 / Lectures at the Conference centre
  • 17.00 / The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of RSE Rett Syndrome Europe 

(The full schedule and program for the Conference will be completed and published few weeks before the Conference starting date).


Friday 27th September, Keynote Speakers:

Mr Jean-Christophe Roux (France) “subject: Rett’s research”

Mr Walter E. Kaufmann (USA) "subject: Behavior"

Mr Jeffrey Neul (USA) “subject: Neurological systems and clinical research”

Mr Lotan Meir (Israel) “subject: Walking and movement”

Ms Stefanie Sasche (Germany) “subject: Learning and Development”

Ms Anne-Marie Bisgaard (Denmark) “subject: Clinical and Physiological follow ups of Adult Retts’)

Mr James Eubanks (Canada) “subject: Rett syndrome from a medical perspective”

Ms Aglaia Vignoli (Italy) “subject: The quality of life of Rett people”

Ms Mari Wold Henriksen (Norway) “subject: Epilepsy on a life-long perspective”

Mr Enrico Tongiorgi (Italy) “subject: Mirtazapan medicine research”

Mr Jan Ramirez (USA) “subject: Respiratory and autonomic nervous system disorders”

Ms Jennifer J. McComas (USA) "subject: Communication"


Saturday 28th September, Keynote Speakers:

Ms Lotan Meir (Israel) “subject: Physiotherapy”

Mr Jeffrey Neul (USA) “subject: The specific features of nervous system and clinical research”

Mr Jan Ramirez (USA) “subject: Autonomic nervous system”

Ms Helena Wandin (Sweden) “subject: Communication guidelines”

Ms Anne-Marie Bisgaard (Denmark) “subject: Sleeping problems”

Mr Samir Sethi (India) “subject: Rett Syndrome Association and ongoing projects in India”

Ms Michelle Stathult (Denmark) “subject: Research on physiotherapy in Denmark”

Mr Jean Christophe Roux (France) “subject: Identifying symptoms as a starting point for therapies”

Ms Anna Amato (Germany) "subject: Communication"


Site information:

  • The Conference is held in English. (All lectures are translated into Finnish).
  • All lectures are held and presented in two different lecture rooms at the Conference venue.
  • The Museum of “Vapriikki”:  Alaverstaanraitti 5, 33101 Tampere (transport provided to the Evening Reception; the shuttle bus service operates between the Conference Venue and “Vapriikki” at 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. The bus service is free of charge but requires to be booked by the attendees together with the Conference registration)